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ProZone Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ on the's ProZone

  1. What is the ProZone?

    A loyalty prorgam for qualified businesses.

  2. How long have you had this program?

    New as of 2016.

  3. How much does the program cost to join?

    It is free of charges to qualified companies.

  4. Which program is right for me?

    We have 3 programs. Each program is geared for the spending habits of a perceived segment. The three segments are assigned by based up spending frequency and overall dollar value. The Segments are as follows.

    Designers: Lower overall purchase value but more of them. An ideal business for this program would be an interior designer who has many homeowner clients. The purchase would be part of a larger ensemble of items to decorate a home. The program supports referrals for the buy it yourself clients as well as direct pay.

    Installers: Medium average purchase values that consistently occur but with less frequency. In ideal business for this program would be Carpenter who installs floors for a living. That business could have commercial and residential - consumer clients. They may order about once every 4 weeks.

    Builders: Large average purchases that are infrequent. An ideal business for this program would be a track home builder or property manager or a house flipper. The typical purchase may be large but less frequent.

  5. What products are included?

    Right now there no products excluded. From time to time we may offer deep discounts on products that are to low to include. Just look for a marker that indicated this.

  6. Will I get commission on orders I send your way?

    Yes. Part of the functionality of the program is to offer up coupons and links to give you credit on your customer's BIY (buy it yourself) purchases. Referral credits are equivalent to your purchases on a 1:1 basis. Look at the account dashboard for more information.

  7. What kind of coupons will I get?

    All coupons will be digital codes. You may get them through offers on you customer dashboard, emails and direct mail. The coupons will have an encoded key that links sales to your account and thus giving your credit as well as a discount. The codes are entered in at the time of purchase at the checkout page.

  8. I am Designer what do I get?

    You get a single point of contact, direct credits on your purchases, direct credits on your customer's purchases, coupons for additional discounts on a wide variety of decorative products.

  9. I am a Carpenter what do I get?

    You get a single point of contact, direct credits on your purchases, direct credits on your customer's purchases, coupons for additional discounts on flooring tools and supplies.

  10. I am a Builder what do I get?

    You get a single point of contact, direct credits on your purchases, purchase planning discounts. When you give us guidance on your requirements, we will research our purchasing networks for volume discounts and pass the savings along to you.

  11. Do I get free shipping?

    Free shipping is a separate consideration on a product by product basis.

  12. How do I leave this program?

    To leave this program simply notify us in writing through Email. We will Send you a confirmation of completion of the cancellation process. We reserve the right to hold any credits for any pending shipments as part of our fraud prevention program. Payouts will be made without forfeiture without consideration to date of cancellation but rather a quarterly schedule maintained for the entire program.

  13. Can I have the check paid to me instead of my business?

    We must pay using the financial information we have on record.

  14. How do I sign up?

    Simply complete this form and we will respond to you promptly to complete setting up your ProZone account. .

  15. If I sign up will you Spam my email box?

    No. You can always opt out of our communications program at any time.

  16. How do I determine what my current credit is?

    Visit your account user Dashboard after you log in. There will be a tab that indicates your current credit.

  17. Do ProZone Members qualify for an In-store line-of-Credit for purchasing?

    No. We do not have that capacity currently. Maybe in the future.

  18. Can ProZone Members pay by Check?

    Yes, Just select invoice as Payment Method when purchasing. You can then send us a check. Shipments do not occur until the check clears.


Last Updated: September 16, 2018

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