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Flooring Premium Sample Kit

What is a Premium Sample Kit?

Products Direct is offering a Premium Sample Kit (larger/longer flooring samples) on select flooring products allowing you the time-saving luxury of viewing products in your home or installation space prior to purchase.

You can custom order your Premium Sample Kit to include several pieces of the same product/color so you can see a larger expanse of the flooring in your space. Or, you may order a variety of colors and textures. Pieces range from shorter cut planks to full planks, based upon your desired requirements. Variations of a product surface pattern, thickness, color, texture and/or design will be more prominent in larger samples and enable you to better compare the floors before you make a decision.

How it Works

Premium Sample Kits require a minimum deposit of $100 because of the large amount of product we send out. We will refund your full deposit once you return the samples. Just use the same packaging and the return label we provide and you will pay only shipping (see Note below). Deposits range from $100-$225 depending on your selection of samples and sizes.

The kit sizes are:

  • Simple
  • Premium Kit
  • Premium Kit XL
Considerations Standard Samples (Free) Premium Sample Kit Premium Kit XL
In home review
Large Samples
Multiples of Same SKU
Full Planks
Deposit Required
Shipping Credited to Order

NOTE: Shipping charges do apply initially. But, if you purchase a floor from the Premium Sample Kit, the hold on your card will be released for the entire amount of the sample deposit—including all Premium Sample Kit shipping fees, if your kit is returned within five days. Simply returning the kit without purchase will release the hold placed on the card less shipping costs.

Why struggle with a chip-size sample for a home-size purchase?

Get a premium sample kit. Examine the product. See how it looks in your home or business and how well it fits your vision and needs. To get your kit, give us a call between 9am and 6pm EST at 888.735.6679, and we will make sure that you get the best selection of products to aid in your decision making. You may also reach us through our Online chat. Just click the chat button on any page.

Telescope box for plank sample

smaller kit boxes

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