How to Measure Quality in Your Search for Vinyl Floor

Ask ten people how they measure quality in Vinyl flooring, and you will get ten different answers. The problem with defining quality is that it is related to a personal point of view. Too often, the product marketer establishes the solution and not the individual user.

We operate on the assumption that “Quality is Conformance to Requirements.” Your requirements. That simple.

What is your lifestyle? Do you have Children? Pets? Are you preparing your house to sell? Are you a person that eats while standing in the kitchen or do you prefer to sit at the dining room table? How often do you entertain on your floor? What type of entertainment? Just remember, you will be living with your floor every day. What are the top three requirements that you have to meet to be happy? Now, prioritize and measure these items against your budget.

Don’t assume that high quality means high price. Realize that price is higher due to the cost of goods, professional time, and skill required to achieve your envisioned floor. Time and competition in the marketplace further influence the final result.

The second consideration is value. Value is the “Performance vs. the Cost of a product. Will your floor perform adequately, above average or minimally? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the life expectancy of this vinyl floor?
  • How will my vinyl floor handle normal wear and tear? Unusually high wear and tear?
  • Can I repair it if it is damaged?
  • Is the cost and availability of replacement tiles within my range?

Here at Products Direct®, we know that the higher the cost, the higher the expected value. We never want to misrepresent the value of our product. That is why we segment our products in our online catalog by three value categories: Good, Better, and Best.

This way we believe you can make the best choice within the budget that you want to spend. You know what value you are receiving. Now you are free to enjoy both the beauty and quality of your new flooring.

We are always thinking about the best way to serve our customers, even when they aren’t aware of it.

Last Updated: November 21, 2017

Date Created: November 21, 2017