We offer a variety of decorative hardware products to meet your needs. If you are looking for a complete set of new hardware or a single piece, we can help.   Please feel free to look through our collection of hardware. We have 2 high-level categories to start with; Kitchen Decorative Hardware and Bath Hardware. Below is a list/map of the hardware.

Kitchen Hardware

Bath Hardware

Inside these category views are many offerings. We suggest you look around and start adding items to your wish list. This will help you figure out what is important to you.

Mounting Tips

Traditionally, knobs are used on cabinet doors and pulls are used on drawers. However, some kitchens may use all knobs or all pulls. When mounting knobs on cabinet doors, place the knob in the corner of the door. When mounting pulls on cabinet doors, place the bottom hole in the upper third of the door for the lower cabinets, and the upper hole in the lower third of the upper cabinets. Usually hardware is placed on the door stile, but with some styles of doors, hardware placed on the center of the door can also be an option.
Cabinet Tips
Cabinet Mounting Tips
When mounting on drawers, align the holes in the center of the drawer front.
Pull Install Tips
On wide drawers, sometimes a smaller piece of hardware can get lost. We recommend using an appliance pull or two smaller pieces of hardware, the pieces should be mounted on the thirds. This will keep them from being too far apart.
Pull Install Tips
When mounting an appliance pull on a pantry or other tall door, mount the hardware at elbow level of the adult. This will make it comfortable to use and still allow children to reach it.
Appliance Pull Tips