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  1. COREtec Stair Treads

    COREtec Stair Treads

    We have been selling COREtec® Flooring since 2013. We have seen it grow to great success in the marketplace. As with any floating floor, the installation has always been challenging but not so much that it creates a barrier for the do-it-yourself crowd. However, what we have observed is that floating floor plank installation on stairways requires some carpenter skills. Lots of cutting, mitering and fitting with horizontal and vertical joins. This article introduces a newer product from US Floors that simplifies the stair step problems. COREtec® Stair Treads.

    These stair Treads are sold as single units and match colors for HD, Design, and Enhanced product lines. The other product colors in the COREtec® lines have not been paired up with their own stair treads. Please check with us if you need to order we can check with the manufacturer to determine availability.

    A little bit of history, US Floors® initially offered only one option - the stair

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  2. Mannington® flooring celebrated for its innovative flooring

    Mannington® flooring celebrated for its innovative flooring

    Once again, one of the Products Direct® primary manufacturers of Hardwood and Laminate flooring, Mannington®, is being celebrated for its innovative approach to developing a better laminate flooring product. “It’s a real game-changer,” said Dan Natkin, Vice President of Hardwood and Laminate at Mannington®. “It enables our Restoration Collection floors to go where no laminate has gone before--to bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas in the home that are prone to moisture.”

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