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Joel Mellon

  1. What is Quality?

    Ask this question to ten people you will get 10 different answers. The problem with defining quality is related to personal view point of cost versus quality. The person answering always wants to define the requirements in a way a product marketer would. This is not necessary. Quality is conformance to requirements. It is as simple as those three words.

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  2. FSC Is Part of the Solution

    FSC Is Part of the Solution

    This post is a quick background on the Forest Stewardship Council, the FSC. The are an important part of the supply chain for wood and paper products in the consumer market.

    You will find that many products in our catalog are FSC certified. FSC stands for The Forest Stewardship Council. The web page for the FSC is FSC Certifications works outside of state regulations, and is an example of a non-state market driven environmental governance. This means that it uses the market place to drive the sustainable management of forests. The FSC Label is an example of the use of public purchasing power to create shifts in industry and regulate the negative environmental impacts of deforestation. When you purchase products that have the FSC label you are contributing to the solution of deforestation.

    Mission and Vision

    Protecting forests for future generations. The Forest Stewardship Council represents a global shift from government to governance and its creation is a primary example of the use of market and economic factors to create movement on a global environmental issue. The evolving historical context in which the FSC was formed is theorized to reflect a much broader skepticism towards state power and as a consequence a shift away from traditional state-centric forms of regulation. That said, although the FSC transcends national boundaries, the state continues to play a part in the regulatory landscape of the domestic forest and as such the FSC must develop appropriate domestic governance to reflect this.

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  3. Doors Now at Our Store

    We are pleased to tell you that has recently added entrance doors as a purchase option. This is an area in which our staff has a great deal of experience as we have been selling doors in our parallel retail operations for almost fourteen years. Initially we are offering some of our mahogany entrance door units with various options in style. These are ready-to-stain, of excellent quality with warranty, and an excellent value. These are in-stock and can be shipped to anywhere in the continental US within a few days. Custom made doors and special order sizes are available as well. Should you have a style of door in mind, chances are we can provide it to you at a competitive price, just send us a picture and specifications and our staff will get going.

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  4. Bamboo Factory

    If you ever wondered how bamboo floors are manufactured, here is a video for you. I found this YouTube video while researching information for the Forest Stewardship Council article posted last week. This fun video was uploaded in 2009 and has a good number of views. It includes the manufacturing process of bamboo flooring from start to finish at a factory in Vietnam.

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  5. New Flooring FAQ

    We have taken many of the questions we get daily and rolled them into a FAQ page

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