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  1. Mannington® flooring celebrated for its innovative flooring

    Mannington® flooring celebrated for its innovative flooring

    Once again, one of the Products Direct® primary manufacturers of Hardwood and Laminate flooring, Mannington®, is being celebrated for its innovative approach to developing a better laminate flooring product. “It’s a real game-changer,” said Dan Natkin, Vice President of Hardwood and Laminate at Mannington®. “It enables our Restoration Collection floors to go where no laminate has gone before--to bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas in the home that are prone to moisture.”

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  2. 7 Noteworthy Maintenance Tips for Luxury Vinyl

    7 Noteworthy Maintenance Tips for Luxury Vinyl

    Any flooring material requires cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Regular care lengthens the life of your floor, guarantees that warranties will be honored, and keeps the surface looking its best. Once the floor is in use, dirt, stains, scratches, and tears are inevitable. The longer the time between cleanings and repairs, the worse the problem becomes.

    How Much Are You Willing To Do?
    How will the room be used? Does the family spend considerable time walking in and out of the room from the outdoors?. Is the furniture moveable? High-traffic and heavy-use areas such as entrances, staircases, landings, and kitchens might be more efficient and lower maintenance when covered in durable materials like stone, vinyl, non-slippery tile, natural tile or laminate. Softer floor coverings such as plush carpet, work well in lighter use areas such as living rooms and bedrooms, where comfort is desired

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  3. 5 Reasons Why Our BBB Membership Benefits You

    5 Reasons Why Our BBB Membership Benefits You

    Many companies, whether large or small, affiliate themselves with the Council of Better Business Bureaus. At Products Direct® we wanted to determine how that would benefit our customers.  Here are the 5 top reasons that caused us to decide to become accredited members of our local Better Business Bureau.

    1. As we began to survey our customers, we found that a high level of TRUST was established immediately when they saw the BBB logo on our site.  When asked, they acknowledged that they recognized us to be a legitimate online business; one that operated with integrity; one that stands behind the product and service we offer.

    2. The online flooring marketplace is very competitive.  New companies spring up online overnight. They also disappear just as fast.  We’ve been around for a very long tim
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  4. How to Measure Quality in Your Search for Vinyl Floor

    How to Measure Quality in Your Search for Vinyl Floor

    Ask ten people how they measure quality in Vinyl flooring, and you will get ten different answers. The problem with defining quality is that it is related to a personal point of view. Too often, the product marketer establishes the solution and not the individual user.

    We operate on the assumption that “Quality is Conformance to Requirements.” Your requirements. That simple.

    What is your lifestyle? Do you have Children? Pets? Are you preparing your house to sell? Are you a person that eats while standing in the kitchen or do you prefer to sit at the dining room table? How often do you entertain on your floor? What type of entertainment? Just remember, you will be living with your floor every day. What are the top three requirements that you have to meet to be happy? Now, prioritize and measure these items against your budget.

    Don’t assume that high quality means high price. Realize tha

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  5. The Hidden Danger of Choosing the Wrong Floor for Your Pet

    The Hidden Danger of Choosing the Wrong Floor for Your Pet

    A significant member of your at-home community is the family pet. More and more, home remodeling decisions include the needs and security of your pet cat or dog. And why not; the average lifespan of your pet may encompass the growing up years of children in the home as well.

    For example, there are very genuine dangers to the health of animals if the floors in your home are too smooth. When dogs slip or slide as they maneuver the halls and living room, they run the risk of dislocating hip bones, shoulders and creating general tendon damage over time

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