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The author of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Rosalyn Wilson has said the costs involved in the process of logistics are set to increase summer. Some factors in the coming hike are the improving economy, less capacity, and the coming interest-rate increase. The most important factor in the coming hike is as the shipping volume increases; the decreased capacity space will cause issues for the shipping industry. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, she said, "We're going to have a total massacre in freight pricing if the demand rises in a serious way, and the capacity remains where it is."

Another factor in the rising shipping rates is the fact t he American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates a shortage of 35,000 - 40,000 of truck drivers. The shortage is due to an increasing amount of older generation truckers retiring at a faster rate than the trucking companies have the ability to attract new professional drivers. The increasing retirement numbers have the shipping companies raising their rates to ensure they can keep up with the business.

Shipping A Floor is Expensive

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Keep in mind shipping a floor is not the same as shipping a book; but make no mistake it is done every day. The first thing to recognize is that this is a heavy load. The photograph to the left provides an important visual; 30 boxes of flooring, a typical home floor plan. Weighing in at over a half ton it just might break your car if you transport it yourself. We suggest you try a freight delivery to your door. The logistics of transportation are complex. Not all residential locations can receive freight trucks. Check with us and we will go to work for you and get your available options.

In conclusion, as you are shopping around the internet for Home Improvement goods be prepared to see online retailers increase their shipping price to you. We know you expect Free Shipping, and will do whatever we can to keep shipping costs to you as low as possible.

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We offer everybody an opportunity to get a quote. Flooring is a very heavy product and shipping is difficult to optimize over a website. When you request a quote, we research the best price/shipping combination and make our best offer. Watch the video below or here.

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