Kraus Flooring

Looking to add all of the Advantages of Carpet to you home and office but don’t know where to start. is a great place to start, now with full line of products from Kraus Flooring, a multinational leader in flooring. Kraus separates itself from the rest with over 50 years of producing award winning products as they continue to pursue the highest performing products and fulfilling the highest standards for their over 10,000 customers across the world. Here, at , we are proud to offer over 50 beautiful Kraus Carpet options.

Home & Office

Kraus is perfect for many Residential and Commercial settings. Kraus is extremely versatile and optimized for installation, allowing you to bring showroom results to any room in your home and office. Krause offers a vast number of attractive colors and patterns to match any decor, define any style, all with the best guarantees in the industry.

Capet Tiles, Now Great for Basements Too

Are you thinking about turning your basement into a comfortable getaway too. Now with Kraus, you can! In the past, the only option for basement carpeting also brought worries. Basements are especially susceptible to moisture but Kraus has manufactured water resistant carpets, enabling you to extend your home sweet home with carpeted basement floors.

Integrity at Your Service

After you find the perfect flooring solution for your home, you can be confident that you will be more than satisfied with new flooring experience. shares in the Kraus Integrity Statement - “Originally started as a family run organization, Kraus Flooring understands the importance of standing behind its brand. The Kraus Group of Companies proudly ensures that the products we offer are of the best quality combined with the most essential features and warranties.”

Kraus Value Statement - “You can trust Kraus to provide you with stylish and classic flooring solutions that will meet all of your needs, priced fairly and brought to you with exceptional customer service. At Kraus, we care about your floor.”