FSC Friday

FSC Friday is a global celebration of the world's forests and aims to highlight the importance of responsible forest management. This annual celebration began in 2008 and has quickly expanded its positive influence on our planet, thanks especially to the involvement and voices of schools, businesses, individuals, forest owners/managers and other organizations around the world. Every year it becomes clear that humanity is becoming more an more aware of the impact our lives have on the environment, and Friday 27, 2013 will allow us all to show our support for those who take part in the mission of the FSC.

What is ProductsDirect.com doing for a Better Tomorrow?

At ProductsDirect.com you will find that we are working harder everyday to bring only the best products to your home. We do this by keeping up-to-date on the advancements in the production of wood products and the methods used around the world to ensure that sustainable forestry is alive and well. You may find our competitors offering lower quality products at lower prices, which is a sign of their short sighted production methods and reckless harvesting methods. ProductsDirect.com is standing up with the FSC and promoting a better tomorrow through responsible forest management, and a better product.

How To Get Involved

As of September 2013, over 174,948,102 acres have been FSC certified in the US and Canada alone. You can help grow the impact and influence of the FSC mission by looking for the FSC label whenever you purchase any wood product.

You can find the FSC online and become part of the solution by visiting and interacting with their social networks. Twitter. Facebook.