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How to Buy A Door FAQ

Here Are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions and Important Decisions To Consider

Take a minute to become a door pro and save yourself time, money, and confusion. As always, our knowledgeable staff is available by email, phone, and live chat for immediate assistance.

For the Best Way to Find the Right Door Quickly and Accurately, Click here to Download a Printable Checklist of tools, measuring techniques, troubleshooting guide designed and constructed by our experts who have been selling doors for over 14 years

Your Entry Door Pre-Purchase Checklist

All Steps to Find the Following items on the Checklist can be conveniently found further down the page.

___ Door unit size (width x height)

___ Rough opening size (width x height)

___ Brick moulding clearances between exterior surfaces (width x height)

___ Door swing determination (left-swing or right-swing, in-swing or out-swing)

___ Door swing path clearances over floor and below ceiling

___ Unit width determined

___ Type of door construction needed relative to weather exposure

___ Hardware material choice

___ Regulatory codes determined, if applicable


We are pleased to tell you that has recently added entrance doors as a purchase option. This is an area in which our staff has a great deal of experience as we have been selling doors in our parallel retail operations for almost fourteen years. Initially we are offering some of our mahogany entrance door units with various options in style. These are ready-to-stain, of excellent quality with warranty, and an excellent value. These are in-stock and can be shipped to anywhere in the continental US within a few days. Custom made doors and special order sizes are available as well. Should you have a style of door in mind, chances are we can provide it to you at a competitive price, just send us a picture and specifications and our staff will get going. Free shipping is available on individual larger door units and also on the single door units provided they are purchased four or more. We will continue to increase this website product line over time to reflect our true abilities in this area.

Purchasing doors can be a rewarding yet challenging experience for the homeowner. Few choices so greatly impact the first impression your guests will have. The right entrance door will significantly enhance the beauty and value of your home. With the proper planning you can order an entrance door with absolute confidence. Having assisted customers directly and trained sales staff for years, and having dealt with many manufacturers as long, we know the business and know how to keep you out of trouble.

–Tim Boyd, CEO/Founder


Possible Door Configurations:

Single Door Configurations

Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image

Double Door Configurations

Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image

Additional Configurations

Door Image
Door Image
Door Image
Door Image


Entry Door Pre-purchase Checklist

New Construction or Remodeling?

Most contractors agree that new construction is usually easier and less problematic than remodeling. If it is new construction you may be better served to have the door on the job site prior to framing up the wall. This will assist in avoiding many issues including door unit size versus rough opening, exterior trimming, wall thickness versus door jamb thickness, etc. When remodeling, you certainly must take even more care when ordering a door. Either way, SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER ARE OUTLINED BELOW:

Door size and rough opening size

When buying a door you must consider not only the door width but also the frame thickness. A general guideline is that the opening in the wall will require an additional 2 inches more horizontally than the door size. For example, if you are installing a 36” standard size door you will need an opening of 38” x 83”. Special door sizes, including taller doors are available, to some extent.

Jamb Width

This is another critical concern. Walls are not always of the same thickness. The majority of home construction in the United States is set up for 2 by 4 studs plus drywall. Entrance door jambs for this construction are typically 4 ½” wide. Wider jambs are available and can be made to order.

Trimwork, Mouldings, Exterior Construction

Obviously, you will need to trim out your door both on the inside and outside. Our doors are manufactured and shipped with WM180 brick moulding which can be easily removed and modified slightly if needed. The interior trim “casing” is not included as this is usually matched on site with other interior trim work. You must take into account your exterior construction and pre-plan how you will fit and trim your door to match your exterior. In remodeling, for example, masonry of any type that is already in place may limit your brick mould sizes and thus impact the size of your door. Vinyl or wood exteriors may allow more flexibility in trimming the exterior of your door frame. DO NOT assume that if the door frame will fit that the moulding will fit without modification. You may have to measure first to fit your moulding to the existing exterior (especially masonry) and then deal with the rough opening and door unit size. The plan being you must fit the brick mould to the exterior properly first, as you have less options there. Then the interior side can be filled as needed and interior trim added.

Door Swing

Before ordering a door, determine the direction your door should swing. There are several factors to consider and you will need to determine in-swing or out-swing, left-swing or right-swing. Sounds complicated? Not really…. First, keep in mind that almost all residential doors swing inward into the home, thus they are “in-swing doors”. Doors can be manufactured to swing out, “out-swing,” but are more applicable in commercial applications and also to meet egress codes for some residential buildings. ProductsDirect stocks and sells in-swing residential exterior doors. Out-swing exterior doors are available and must be built to order. To determine whether your door should swing left or right, you must consider traffic direction upon entering, light switch placement, furniture placement, general room layout, conflict with other doors, etc. Now you must determine if it is left-swing or right-swing. To do this, simply stand in the door opening and place your back to where the hinge will be. If the door would, when opened, be on your left it would be left-swing, if the door would be on your right, it would be a right-swing door. Another issue that occasionally occurs is door swing path obstruction. This is a problem involving a floor that is higher than the swing path of the door as it opens. It occurs usually in remodeling projects where the flooring height has increased thus impacting door swing clearance. Occasionally we here of issues involving low ceiling heights, this rarely occurs but may be factor on older homes or mobile homes. This may necessitate ordering a specially made shorter door.

Door Construction and Exposure to Elements

Exposure to weather and direct sunlight must be taken into consideration. Ideally, should your door be of wood construction, it should be sheltered from rain and snow. If not, you might consider purchasing a steel-clad or fiberglass door.

Code Considerations

Regulations may require that your door meet certain codes such as fire ratings or hurricane ratings. Accessibility regulations for individuals with special needs may also exist. Regulations vary according to location and should be reviewed before placing an order.

Hardware Style

You will need to determine what material locksets you will install on your door and specify hinge and threshold materials that will suitably match your caming and interior decoration objectives. Options include brass, patina, chrome…………>>>>>>

How Are Doors Sold?


Includes Hinges, Trim, Door Jamb Framework, Ready to be Installed.


Shipped without the frame. You may find these attractively priced elsewhere, but the installation can be complicated and costly. currently only offers Prehung Doors, ready to install.


Aesthetic Considerations: Exterior Door Buying Guide

Curb appeal is made easy with the right front door. A representation of the life inside a home can often be defined by its entrance. But it's not just about form, a functional font door must also protect the lives within. For a door to function at its best, it must be made using tested processes from quality materials to ensure the homeowner is always protected. The factors that determine a door's life are numerous. A door that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and use will enable your purchase to last year after year.



Entry Doors: Styles & Materials

No matter the style of your home, from classical to modern, the selection of doors at Products Direct provide you with all of the options you need to compliment your home.

The front door of a single home on a street can affect the presence of the entire block. Make your home Stand Out by Defining the Character of Your Home.


Wood is a traditional choice for homeowners who want a Custom Design with Custom Variations like glass, unrestricted color palette, and various glass options, should you chose to incorporate them. Wood doors are constructed using a method that makes them capable of dealing with weather conditions that will cause wood to warp. The density of wood also gives homeowners A True Sense of Security. Wood doors can harmonize with most home styles, but they are integrated into tradition home design best.


  • Wood doors drive a classic and stately domain with an inviting feel.
  • Most compatible within an indoor setting, wood last longest when kept away from harsh weather conditions and potential damage from warping due to temperature and moisture. To protect the door, be sure to Paint or Finish All Six Sides (Front and Back, Both Sides, Top and Bottom).


What Styles of Doors Are There?


  • French Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Interior Hinge Doors
    • Hollow Core
    • Solid Core


  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Other Composites
  • French Doors
  • Storm Doors


FSC Label


You will find that many products in our catalog are FSC certified. FSC stands for The Forest Stewardship Council. The web page for the FSC is FSC Certifications works outside of state regulations, and is an example of a non-state market driven environmental governance. This means that it uses the market place to drive the sustainable management of forests. The FSC Label is an example of the use of public purchasing power to create shifts in industry and regulate the negative environmental impacts of deforestation. When you purchase products that have the FSC label you are contributing to the solution of deforestation.

The FSC Label 'Works' by Providing an Incentive for Responsible Forestry in the Market Place. It offers manufacturers a competitive advantage and thereby increases market access to new markets and maintains access to existing ones.

Read More on our blog about the FSC Mission, Chain of Custody, and Value.


Common Reasons to Consider a New Door

  • Add Value and Character to Your Home.
  • Existing Door Warp causing high energy prices in Winter and Summer and Weakness in Home Security.
  • Increase Energy Efficiency by insulating the home at one of the most troublesome areas.
  • No Home Improvement Project is Complete without new door to Compliment new Renovations.
  • Increase the Security of Your Home


How to Order



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